Long lasting tradition of wine-growing is a significant part of life in the family of Baničević-Grošić and a reason for starting their winemaking business in Smokvica.  Most of the year the Sun shines upon the southern slopes of Smokvica where our forty – year old  vineyards are situated. This is the influence of the mild Mediterranean climate. We produce Superior & good quality wine varieties such as „Posip“, „Rukatac“, and Plavac Mali and we have cca.    15 000 planted vines.  We are also offering liquors, olive oil, and a homemade mint syrup.



Wine tasting: Yes


Wine cellar "Grošić"

Smokvica 204; 20272 Smokvica

Tel +385(0)20 831 234

Mob +385(0)98 927 23 93

e-mail pgrosic@gmail.com