Delicious and diverse cuisine is offered on the island of Korčula, which, while keeping the genuine and domestic traditions, was also influenced by foreign nations.

Every gourmet will enjoy Korčula’s cuisine. Korčula is primarily an island of olives and winegrape. Domestic fruits and vegetables are also grown here, and fresh fish is available daily. The main oil used in preparing dishes is olive oil. Wine is used as a drink, but also as a spice; homemade liqueurs and brandies are also used in cakes. Aromatic plants

(rosemary, laurel, lavender, basil, sage, mint, thyme, marjoram...) are used in dishes,

drinks, and as a cure. 

You can enjoy a rich variety of meat and fish dishes on the island. 


Lumblija is a sweet bread with a lot of aromatic spices. It is traditionally made only during a particular time of the year - for All Saints in Blato, Smokvica, Čara and Vela Luka. The story of its genesis is tied to a love story of a girl from Blato and a French

soldier, during the times when Napoleon’s army occupied the island. The word lumblija comes from French ‘n’ uoblie pas’, i.e. do not forget me. These are the words the soldier said when saying goodbye to the girl, and gave her this cake. This is why lumblija is baked at the time when we remember our loved ones.


Gruda or wild cabbage is most frequently made at home in spring and autumn, but you can also find it in some restaurants.

Traditional Dishes

Grilled fish

Brodet (Stew)




Gruda (mix of selfgrown plants)



Dry figs

Fritule and pogače



Almonds in sugar








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