Since ancient times people of Smokvica have been peasants, winegrowers and winemakers but also stone makers, ship builders and fisherman. Fertile fields have always been source of living in this area cultivated by hardworking people.

Here you will not see uncultivated vineyard. The land is inherited for generations and working in the field is the way of life. This is a hard work but people are doing it with love and pride. Stone facades, stare cases and streets show wealth of stonemasonry tradition. The bay of Brna was place from which people sailed, fish and built boats, small sail boats…. Fisherman tradition is still preserved.

Evenings are often filled with song and dance. With sound of drum and bagpipes, Kumpanjija starts its „ples od boja“ (battle dance), an ancient custom representing a defending army that protects its village from the invaders coming from the sea. At the end women dressed in traditional costumes join Kumpanjoli (the men) and they dance the old folk dances. Wealth of colours and materials of traditional costumes, dances and songs have been kept from being forgotten and are only a part of Smokvica cultural heritage. Here we should also mention Klape (Dalmatian a cappella singing), church singing and many others. Sacral heritage of the parish church shows spiritual wealth and belief. Ethnographic heritage of stone houses shows the way of living and traditions throughout history. Festivities are respected and celebrated. These are mostly connected to religious holidays. Especially interesting are processions which are held throughout a year with the Good Friday being the most important. Carol singing, church fraternities, carnival and many other customs show the richness of tradition of this area.