The whole island and Smokvica especially can be commended as having a long tradition in wine growing and wine making since the ancient Greeks time.

Evidence can be found to support this especially the two and half thousand year old part of press which can be seen next to the Smokvica winery, as well as the remains of the Greek villa rustica in front of which are vast areas planted with vines. Despite the occasional appearance of illness, the continuous development of wine production has been happening on Korčula throughout the centuries and the result is high quality autochthonous wines. Densely planted wine groves, sloped and terraced terrain resulted in most of the works in the vineyards being done by hand in a traditional way, as done by our grandfathers. Smokvica is an unavoidable destination on all the Croatian wine lists, ideal for all those who love the vine.

Posip is a kind of world rarity, as the exact place of discovery and who discovered it, are not known. It is one of the first white wines in Croatia protected by the law. The wine is of splendid, straw-golden yellow colour, heavy and rich in the glass in which it leaves tick trail of wine alcohol (13-14,5 %), full and peculiar flavour with particular aroma of dry apricot and fig. Because of mild acids it perfectly accompanies all fish, shells and white meat dishes. It is best served at 12-14 °C temperature. This autochthonous Croatian grape stands along with the best world white sorts.

Apart from Posip, Smokvica is also known for a high quality white wine Rukatac. It is produced from autochthonous grape Maraština which has found an ideal surroundings on the forested island of Korčula. This high quality dry white wine, of a high alcohol concentration (around 13%) is placed among the top white Dalmatian whines. Light yellow colour, fullness and harmony of this grape are the best picture of the area in which it grew. With its nicely aroma, particularly its flower scent along with a fullness of taste which remains long in the mouth, Rukatac will not leave you disinterested. This elegant southern vine is best served with seafood and various roasts, at the temperature of 12 °C.

Although Smokvica is best known for white vines a high quality red wines are also produced here especially Plavac. This southern vine of purple-red colour is mainly dry and strong of more or less sour taste. Plavac has always been the drink and food of farmers and fisherman but also unavoidable on the most luxurious tables. It is best served at the temperature of 18-20 °C with fish and seafood but also with smoked ham, cheese, dark meat and spicy dishes.

Desert vine “Prosek” is produced from Posip and is a real treat for all those in favour of sweet wines. It is traditionally produced in Dalmatia and on the island from dried grapes of autochthonous type. It usually contains a high concentration of alcohol, a beautiful bouquet and is very sweet. It is consumed cold as aperitif or with cakes.

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